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Musik Produktiv Bands2c ZERO
Genre: Cross-Over
progressiver Rock/­Metal-Crossover mit Einflüssen von Tool & Audioslave über Nickelback bis Toto
Origin: Germany
Contact: Chris Vega
Tel.: +49 177 5441555
Gig fee: ab € 1.000,- je nach Aufwand
Halloween 2004: After a few beers in an Irish pub in Mülheim Germany...ok a lot of beers...guitarist/songwriter Chris Vega and New York drummer Jesse Braun (ex Hallowed) got to talkin´ through a mutual friend (Pit) and realized both were looking for a new band. Having similar musical taste it wasn´t long before the two decided to get together to form a unique new group. Chris asked his friend Daniel (In Veins) to sing and Jesse brought along former band mate John abc Smith (Gods Army ex Scanner, Hallowed) to play bass. ZERO was born! The four soon showed up in the studio to record their first track "Voices". Soon after the recordings John and Daniel left because other commitments but this didn´t stand in the way of Zero´s progress. Chris soon contacted singer Oliver Sidiropoulos (ex Dildo Bros aka Superfly 69). After receiving a copy of "Voices" Oliver joined Zero straight away. They then went on to look for a new bass player. When Heiko Starke (aka Charlie "the nuts" Miller) came along Zero knew they were complete. The wide variety of musical influences like Tool, Iron Maiden, Soundgarden, and even The Beatles, became a great force in creating Zero´s original sound. The band is currently working on new songs for their first album and should be back in the studio in 2006. So you´d better watch out for ZERO
Members: - Stav Sidiropoulos (Vocals)
- Chris Vega (Guitar)
- Charlie Miller (Bass)
- Jesse Braun (Drums)
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