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Impure Thoughts
Impure Thoughts
Impure Thoughts
Genre: Rock
guitar rock´n´roll
Origin: Germany
Contact: Mark Mulholland
Tel.: 030 42012459
Gig fee: verhandlungsbasis
Impure Thoughts are a rock’n’roll band. Originally from Glasgow, they settled in Berlin after periods in Ireland, France, the Czech Republic, and many open-ended European tours. Since coming to Berlin, the band has found a stable line-up, built up a strong fan-base through extensive touring and consistently great live shows, in Berlin and around Europe (esp. Germany, Holland, Czech Republic and Lithuania), and developed a rich and varied repertoire of great original songs. The fruit of this is their new album, “Lights Ahead”, which was released on the Cannery Row record label in March 2006, featuring 14 songs bursting with energy, searing guitars, vocal harmonies and tunes you won’t be able to get out of your head.
Members: - Mark Mulholland (guitar, vocals)
- Tony Rose (guitar, vocals)
- Joe Armstrong (bass, vocals)
- Stephane Doucerain (drums)