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Hans Hannemann & The Lone Riders
Hans Hannemann & The Lone Riders
Hans Hannemann & The Lone Riders
Genre: Independent
Singer Songwriter, Pop, Country, Crooner-Jazz
Origin: Netherlands
Contact: Peter Hannemann
Tel.: 0160 90 63 24 90(German Mobil)
Gig fee: $$$
Hans Hannemann & The Lone Riders is a band from Holland and Belgium. They played their first ever gig in Den Bosch Prison which made them a favourite among conmen, crooks, bums, desperados and hoodlums. However, it´s hard to live up to the outlaw image so the band decided to play for people outside of the chaingang scene as well. Besides the fine shows of 2008 Hans Hannemann & The Lone Riders have earned themselves a Toronto Exclusive Award for "best song International" as well as many rave-reviews in Music magazines and are planning to tour Egypt in April. The members are nobody less than singer/pianist/guitarist: Hans Hannemann (a former Dublin-bar pianist of 23 trying to get his life back on track by playing in band), Maarten van Damme (Stevie Ann): bass/guitar, JanPeter Hoekstra (Krezip): bass/guitar and Wim Geenen (Admiral Freebee) on drums. See? No rookies on this team... Combined with the tunes Hans has written over the years they provide a unique blend of roots-based music in which elements of Rock, Country, Crooner-Jazz and Pop music can be found. Sure, they´re not the first to put different styles together, stir it around and call it rock ´n roll but they are the first with the ´Lone Riders´ sound. Find out for yourself. They may just entertain you. Thank you. God bless.
Members: - Hans Hannemann (Vocals, Guitar, Keys)
- JanPeter Hoekstra (Guitar, Bass, Backing Voc.)
- Maarten van Damme (Bass, Guitar, Backing Voc.)
- Wim Geenen (Drums)
Tour dates:
Date Location Admission
22.05.2009 21:30 Uhr Xinix - 4255 Nieuwendijk (NB) (NL) ???
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