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Genre: Rock
Alternative Groove Rock
Origin: Netherlands
Contact: Rob Tabbers
In Holland Rock music has never been that big as in the US or even other parts of Europe. During the 70s just a few good European bands arose. It’s during the 80s that a great flow of quality rock bands started in Europe like UFO and Thin Lizzy and it’s during this time that in Holland some bands started that could really match the quality of those great rock bands. Bands like Bodine, Helloise and Vandenberg are responsible for the foundation of the dutch (hard)rock scene. Between 1984 and 1989 the dutch band Vengeance really took over where they left of and started playing some really good dutch rock music. Unfortunately during the early nineties the show was over for those old school dutch rock bands (just like anywhere else) and seemed to be taken over by the whole grunge scene with bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Even today we really like those bands. In 2004 the old rock scene mixed with newer music styles like grunge and even some progressive rock has brought up BACKSPIN Backspin is a diverse and talented band as you can already hear on their first EP ‚Backspin’ or ‚Debut’. This EP could really stand for what backspin’s slogan was at that time; ‚Raw and energetic’. It has been recorded under a tight budget at the Artificial Sound studio in Vorstenbosch in 2007.After winning several band contests and encouraged by the success of their first EP Backspin immediately started writing and recording several new songs for their second EP ‚Blue Sand’. This EP was recorded and produced by Michiel van den Boer and really displays their full potential and has been well received by critics and rockers. Also during this period a DVD has been released with a mixture of new songs and songs form their debut album.Currently Backspin is busy writing new material. A new EP or even a mini album is scheduled for 2012 so stay tuned........
Members: - Jacomijne  (Leas vocals)
- Tim  (Drums)
- Twan  (Bas)
- Rob  (Guitar)
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