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Musik Produktiv Bands2c Adorned in silence
Adorned in silence
Adorned in silence
Adorned in silence
Genre: Metal
doom, metal, progressive
Origin: Norway
Contact: Thomas Lønning
Tel.: +4790943669
Adorned In Silence was conceived during the spring anno 2002 by Loenning, Sordal and Krogedal. Later, Tjessem og Rostoel was asked to join. Musically, the sound changed from punk rock, to more melancholic and dark observations. Since these days, we have recorded some tapes; one in 2003, blessed with the quite original name "Demo 2003". We also recorded three songs in Arvid Tjelta´s studios, beautifully located in the warm and moist suburbs of our hometown Sandnes. Mr. Tjelta contributed during the whole residence, and we want to thank him for his great work and patience. The product can be found on these pages. The lack of quality has nothing to do with Tjeltas work, it´s a combination of diabolical temperatures and the absence of motivation within the band. We are now planning to record some more of our work, in our very own studio. Results will be published during the autumn of 2006 (hopefully). Unfortunately, Sordal decided to abandon the group earlier this year to get a proper education. As much as we miss his company, we fully respect him for his decision. He will, of course, still be our very good friend, and he will also continue to be our web designer. Jon Vetle Lunden has taken over the drum duties, something we all are very pleased with. Nowadays, we are practicing old tunes and we are also composing new ones. We are looking forward to the dark future!
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