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Acid Brains
Acid Brains
Acid Brains
Genre: Punk
Alternative rock/­Grunge/­Noise/­Stoner/­punk
Origin: Italy
Contact: Stefano Giambastiani
Tel.: 00393286841239
Acid Brains are an alternative rock band from Lucca (Italy) born in 1997. discography: 3 demos self producted (“A life around this”-2000, “Very isolated” 2001, “New shit In my mind” 2002) and 3 ufficial albums :“The end of the show”- u.d.u records -2004 ,FAR AWAY” 2006 (U.D.U records/Fridge Italia distribuited by Goodfellas).and “DO IT BETTER”2009 (Fridge records/Goodfellas) Acid Brains have been reviewed by all the most important Italian rock magazines :Rock sound,Rumore,Il Mucchio Selvaggio,Rockeriila,Rock Hard and also interviewed by the magazines Rumore (dec 06) and Il Mucchio Selvaggio (jan 2010) Their songs in Italy are programmed in a lot of rock radios:Rock fm,Radio Lupo solitario,Controradio etc.”Me, you and the working class” video from DO IT BETTER has been programmed by ROCK TV (on Sky) and others Italians televisions.... More than 200 gigs done , in all the Italy and also in Switzerland, also in the most important Italian venues like Estragon (Bo),Cencio’S (Fi),Aquatica (Mi),Festival Travedona x (+Pornoriviste),Frogstock Festival (headliner Simple mind) etc. Acid Brains ‘s songs are in 13 compilations : 2 ROCK SOUND samplers (n.86 july 05 and n.98 july 06)Soniche Avventure 8 (Fridge rec), Rock &Contaminazioni vol.1 (Sana records) and more. For spring 2012 NEW ALBUM with 9 new songs! Contact: 00393286841239 Stefano FRIDGE RECORDS
Members: - Stefano Giambastiani (vocals, guitar)
- Alfredo Bechelli (guitar)
- Antonio Amatulli (bass)
- Stefano Marchi (drums)
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