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A New Dawn
A New Dawn
A New Dawn
Genre: Metal
Somewhere between gothic, progressive and heavy metal
Origin: Netherlands
Contact: David van Santen
Tel.: +31 (0)6-41214320
A New Dawn started as a one-man project in 1997, the band A New Dawn became a fact after completing a full line-up in 2003. A New Dawn combines different musical styles such as heavy metal, progressive metal and gothic, but also non-metal influences can be heard, just listen to a song as “Ascension” which not only contains a canon singing part, but also contains a bolero riff (!). Last year the band proved itself by making it to the finals of various band contests in The Netherlands. All band members of A New Dawn have extensive experience both in previous as well as in current bands. Lead singer Sanne Kluiters featured bands as Slander and Spheres, guitarist Willem Cremer was a member of Megatherium and is currently founding a new band, guitarist Elbert de Hoog (ex-Mental Captivity) and bass player/vocalist Monica Janssen (who is actually the best female Dutch grunter! (2nd place NK Grunting 2006) both appear in the band Imp and drummer Peter van Toren features in the band X-Tinxion. In 2006 the band appeared in gigs such as the Gothic & Fantasyfair, Bibelot in Dordrecht and shared the stage with bands like Sengir, Omnia and Delain. Our goal for 2007 is playing as many gigs as possible and writing new material for our first full length album.
Members: - Sanne Kluiters (Lead vocals)
- Josta Kluiters (Backing vocals)
- Elbert de Hoog (Guitars)
- Willem Cremer (Guitars)
- Monica Jansen (Bass, grunts)
- Peter van Toren (Drums)