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Please read our general terms and conditions before uploading music, pictures or text:

General Terms and Conditions for the service portal for musicians

You may only upload musical pieces, texts or artwork if you yourself own all copyrights associated with them or if you have the written permission of the copyrightís owner(s). Every registered user is solely responsible for the content they post on this portal. Due to the size of data on this portal, we randomly inspect the content in order to ensure that it complies with these terms and conditions.

We cannot be held liable for inaccurate, incomplete, irrelevant or legally questionable content which is why we pledge you may please send us an email should you discover any inappropriate content. We reserve the right to delete any content that does not comply with our general terms and conditions.

Agreeing to these terms and conditions, you accept to refraining from deliberately uploading wrong, incorrect, abusive, vulgar, obscene, threatening, sexual or political content that may offend the ruling law or interfere with a personís privacy. Furthermore you assure that you will only upload content of which you own the copyright or which is free of copyright regulations.

We cannot be held liable for any content published and reserve the right to delete any content without further notice. Musik Produktiv and all partner companies are herewith freed from all liability towards third party by the any user uploading any content.

We reserve the right to pass data onto third party if complaints or a lawsuit should result from uploaded data. Furthermore, we reserve the right to terminate all business connections with you if you donít comply with these terms and conditions.

Published Content
Own compositions can be published. Should you already be signed to a record company you will need their approval to publish. Furthermore your songs may not be registered with a collecting society such as ASCAP (USA), PRS (UK), and GEMA (Germany).

Cover Versions/Remixes
Cover versions or remixes (using original music or text) of songs by other bands or artists may only published as a snippet (max. 30 sec).

With this agreement you guarantee that all published material (music, text, pictures) is free of third party rights. Musik Produktiv is not responsible for any damage caused by claims made by published material that hasnít been approved or is protected from free access. The user is solely responsible for any consequences caused by an infringement. Musik Produktiv agrees to publish the material uploaded by the user free of charge, for unlimited time. All rights remain with the user.

Data Protection Declaration
Agreement to the processing of private data. Musik Produktiv saves all personal data on servers located in Germany. This data will be dealt with confidentially and is not accessible by third party. By entering your data you agree to subscribing our newsletter with current offers and events hosted by Musik Produktiv.